How to avoid a sexist education

How to avoid a sexist education

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I believe that all parents, even before becoming parents, have in our mind the general idea of ​​what a boy should be and what a girl should be. The previous ideas that reside in our minds about the behaviors to be expected between boys and girls are more ingrained than they seem. Our social and cultural environment imposes many of our decisions on us when it comes to educating.

The other day, while waiting to leave school, I saw a couple of about 12 or 13 years kissing at the bus stop, the boy hugging his girl with determination and insistence. I thought: 'surely, if I were the boy's mother, I wouldn't think his acting was bad, I would even think the self-confidence my boy had to conquer, but otherwise, I would think, who is that kid who dares to kiss like that my girl? ' Surely, she would be much harsher in correcting the girl's behavior and would tend to excuse the boy.

How many times, regarding the relationship between the sexes, do we think that a boy accompanied by several girls is a flirt and a girl accompanied by several boys is an easy girl? These are sexist thoughts that are unfounded and undesirable because they are clear inequalities of treatment between boys and girls. Both sexes must have a good and healthy sexual education and information, apart from the fact that the girl may suffer more the repercussions of a bad exercise of her sexuality. Reflecting on these issues, perhaps puts us on the track of the terrible social pressure to which we are subjected, especially in the sexual plane, so from an early age we tend to mark very clearly the limits of action of boys and girls, even in the aesthetic aspect.

Girls can wear earrings, wear long hair, like princesses and pink dresses, and every self-respecting child must like sports and cars and, of course, pink or girl games are forbidden for them. Let's have common sense, it is normal that the social weight and the natural tendency can determine certain educational aspects, but many times we are not very tolerant or repressive with normal behaviors of our children, why they will say or why others will think, which can result quite harmful to them. We must educate with judgment, but not with prejudice.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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