Spelling games to learn the letter h

Spelling games to learn the letter h

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It is clear that most of us do not know all the spelling rules by heart, but it is clear that if we have the habit of reading, as we have so often insisted, we will naturally learn to write correctly.

In a short time we will be able to discover the faults, if any, because without effort we will get used to writing, that is why it is so important that our children start reading from a young age and don't 'bombard' children with boring spelling rules. This does not mean that they do not practice with the rules, but if they do it through games and stories, they will learn and memorize little by little and without realizing it.

We can invent phrases, tricks and different games to learn to write correctly without spelling mistakes. It is also very important to choose the stories and games adapted to the age and level of the children so that they do not get bored.

Today the protagonist of our article is the letter hache: Even and horn, sling and wave, hello and wave, are some examples of homophone words, that is, they sound the same but have different meanings depending on whether they are written with or without ax.

This game, 'The Guardian of the h', can be adapted to any letter and the learning level with which we want to work (The Guardian of the V, B, J, G, X….).

All the children will form a circle and will be the goblins of the words, except one, who will stay in the center and we will call the Guardian of the H. Each one of them will carry three to five cards (depending on the number of children that enter the game), made by the teacher with words that have the letter h. The Guardian will stay in the center and will carry a card where the letter hache will be written.

At the sound of a clap, a voice, or an agreed signal, how about a song? The goblins will begin to circle, varying their position from first to last, until the signal sounds again. The goblin that is facing the one who carries the letter hache, will be the one who will draw the first card and read it aloud.

For example, if the first word is 'egg', the goblin must read the word 'egg' aloud and the Guardian of the H must write it on the board, sticking the H in the appropriate place so that it appears in view of all. It will be made known that all words derived from the chosen word will be written in the same way, in our case, egg shop, egg box, egg cup etc. The children will then be encouraged to find examples of the use of this syllable and to discover at least two of them; hollow, bone, smell, orchard, etc.

Once successful, the children will exchange their place, in such a way that the goblin will become the new Guardian of the H and vice versa, starting the game again with the song.

So little by little practicing with the ax they will easily learn spelling through games naturally.

And finally, a children's poem with the letter hache. You already know that nursery rhymes are a great way to convey messages to children in a fun and entertaining way.


Although they say that I am mute

I am the first to speak

because without a hat no one speaks,

nor are there stories to tell.

Sandwiched in now

you will always find me,

in there and in carrot

in jewelery and orange blossom.

In the hours of a clock,

in a 'hello' when greeting,

because if it is wave without ax

sounding the same, it's from the sea.

I like to dance hip hop

and with the C the Charleston

the bachata, the cha-cha,

and I do not say a shout.

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