Arlo's journey. Kids movie of a good dinosaur

Arlo's journey. Kids movie of a good dinosaur

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A gesture of kindness can change everything. This is how this endearing story of friendship between a boy and a dinosaur is presented, immersed in a thrilling adventure in which they will learn from each other.

Because ... what would have happened if humans had lived with dinosaurs? The original title of the film is 'The Good Dinosaur'. And it is precisely this value, that of goodness, that moves the two protagonists. Kindness, innocence and curiosity, and above all losing fear and nurturing courage and perseverance, are the engines of a truly moving story.

Data sheet:

Title: 'The Good dinosaur' (Translated in various countries as' Arlo's Journey)

Country: USA

Production Company: Pixar Animation Studios / Walt Disney Pictures

Year: 2015

Director: Peter Sohn

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