Crafts and recipes with Santa Claus for children

Crafts and recipes with Santa Claus for children

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Santa Claus is one of the most anticipated characters for children at Christmas. He arrives flying in his sleigh pulled by the reindeer and loaded with gifts to distribute to all the houses in the world. Santa Claus is a figure that fascinates children, and also makes them very happy, when the morning of the December 25th, under the tree, they find their little gifts.

In We have gotten down to work since children like Santa Claus so much and we have made original and fun crafts with this character as the main character. In addition, we surprise you with some delicious recipes in the shape of Santa Claus.

Do you want to have a good time with your family? We propose them different ways to make Santa Claus: with ice cream sticks, cardboard plates, toilet paper rolls or tongs. In addition, here you will find drawings of Santa Claus and cards to congratulate your loved ones.

We also teach you to prepare some appetizer recipes for Christmas dinner with Santa Claus as the protagonist.

Felt Santa hat. Santa Claus hat with felt. This year, instead of buying the Santa Claus hat, on our site we suggest that you create it at home in a homemade way. We show you how to make this classic red Santa hat very easily using felt.

Origami Santa Claus. Have a fun Christmas with this craft to make an origami Santa Claus. Origami is a traditional Japanese art that is based on making figures with a single sheet of paper. Enjoy it at home with this exclusive idea for our site.

Santa Claus makeup. our site teaches you how to make a Santa Claus makeup to a child. We teach you how to do a Christmas makeup to dress up the child during the holidays. Do you want to learn how to make a Santa Claus makeup?

Cutlery holder of Santa Claus. Santa Claus cutlery holder. Christmas handcrafts. At GuiaInfantil we teach you to make Christmas crafts for children with recycling material. In this case, it is made with a roll of toilet paper

Cardboard Santa Claus. Cardboard Santa Claus. Christmas crafts for children. At GuiaInfantil we teach you how to make a decorative Santa Claus using a roll of toilet paper. Cardboard crafts for children.

Santa Claus with tweezers. Figure of Santa Claus with tweezers. Simple recycled crafts for kids. In GuiaInfantil we teach you how to make Santa Claus to decorate the Christmas tree made with clothespins.

Santa Claus with dishes. At GuiaInfantol we propose you to make simple Christmas crafts with materials that we all have at home or we can get them very easily. And it is that, this Santa Claus is made with only two cardboard plates, colored cardboard and cotton.

Origami Santa Claus boots. Learn the step by step of this origami Santa's boot design. With just a sheet of paper and applying this ancient Japanese art you can make this beautiful Christmas decoration. Origami crafts for Christmas.

Santa's boot ornament. Felt boot to decorate Christmas. With this craft made with felt Christmas tree ornament, your tree will be more special, a very fun activity for children. Santa's boot ornament craft. How to make felt Christmas decorations.

Santa Claus tree ornament. Easy crafts to do with children. How to make a Christmas Santa Claus for children step by step. Crafts of Christmas decorations for children. Children's crafts with ice cream sticks.

Drawings of Santa Claus. Coloring pages of Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus, Old Easter ... Christmas drawings to color with children. Christmas drawings of Santa Claus to print and color at Christmas with children. You just have to choose the drawing that your children like the most.

Postcard with Santa Claus clothes. If you want to make an original and beautiful Christmas greeting with your children, at GuĂ­ we offer you this Christmas postcard craft with Santa's clothes as the protagonist. Santa Claus Christmas card craft. Homemade Santa Claus Christmas postcard.

Canape with Santa Claus face. Canapes in the shape of Santa Claus. Appetizers for children. Recipes of starters and appetizers for Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch. Fun and easy Christmas canap ideas.

Sandwich of Santa Claus. our site teaches you how to make Christmas canapes shaped like a Santa Claus face. Learn how to prepare original appetizers and starters for Christmas lunch or Christmas Eve dinner. Canape shaped like a Santa Claus face.

Canapes shaped like a Santa Claus boot. Santa Claus boots with sausages. Christmas canapes in the shape of Santa's boots. Canape shaped like a Santa Claus boot.

Santa Claus mask. On our site we teach you how to make a Santa Claus mask using very little money and a lot of enthusiasm. It is a recycling craft made with disposable cardboard plates and colored cardboard.

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