The big bad wolf was called Little Red Riding Hood. Children's Stories

The big bad wolf was called Little Red Riding Hood. Children's Stories

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The story of 'The big bad wolf was called Little Red Riding Hood' is dedicated to all the kids who don't like to go to school, for whatever cause. Perhaps this story will help you realize that school can be a fun place to learn.

But also, in this story you will find other interesting topics for children. For example, how to control emotions. How to gain self-control to control anger or fear.

In the world of stories upside down there were also schools, and just as in the real world there were boys and girls who did not like going to school at all.

Little Red Riding Hood was one of those girls. He never had time to finish his homework, he did not remember well many things that had to be learned, he found it boring to listen to the teacher and most of the things he had to do seemed difficult. In addition, many times he also ended up hitting or insulting himself with the majority. So definitely school for her was pretty tough ...

Little Red Riding Hood, I went to school every day thinking that the day would go well and I would leave school very happy. However, at the end of the day she always came out angry. Some classmate was picking on her, her teacher, Mateo would scold her for something, and Little Red Riding Hood always ended up feeling that nerve that rose throughout her body and that made her so angry. And he was letting out some kind of indescribable growl that no one in his class could interpret. In truth, that growl sounded like that of a terrifying big bad wolf. And it is that when Little Red Riding Hood got angry, she looked a lot like the wolves in stories.

"Little Red Riding Hood, you can't go on like this," Mateo told her. You have to start behaving better, we are tired of your bad smoke.

- Yes I try but I don't know how to do it I get angry and it is as if I really became a wolf that does not know what it is doing - Little Red Riding Hood shouted while crying.

Mateo, seeing how bad Little Red Riding Hood was having it, decided to call Grandma and talk to her to think together how they could help her. Granny, who was a person with many ideas, immediately came up with a plan. To begin with, she asked Mateo to trust her granddaughter, and instead of always getting angry with her for not being attentive or not doing her homework well or for fighting with most of her classmates, try to help and understand her.

Later, when Little Red Riding Hood arrived and together they sat in front of a good plate of muffins and a big cup of chocolate, Granny decided to tell Little Red Riding Hood her plan.

- If you continue like this, that big bad wolf that appears from time to time will end up eating Little Red Riding Hood whole and that others see only the big bad wolf.

- I know, but when the nerve enters I can't control it, I don't know what to do!

- Little Red Riding Hood, you always wear that green cape that Mom and Dad gave you before they left, right?! They wanted you to take it with you so that they would take care of you and you would always be well. Well, this is what you can do from now on: when you notice that the nerve rises through your head and belly, you pull up your green hood and take a deep breath. And you count to five. When you finish, you think: am I angry or sad? And you are looking for someone to tell what is happening to you.

The next morning Little Red Riding Hood arrived at school happy and nervous. That day, Mateo, instead of getting angry because of the exercises that were not done or wrongly done by Little Red Riding Hood, explained how to do it right, and offered to help him finish the rest when class was over.

Very surprised, Little Red Riding Hood thought that that morning everything was going to be fine and, indeed, things were going much better than any other day at school. Until recess came. And again, Little Red Riding Hood wanted to turn into a big bad wolf. But then, he thought of Granny and turned around with his hood on. He tried to breathe and breathe ... And then Peter, came over and said;

- Hey, do you want to come with Wendy and me to play pirates?

Little Red Riding Hood's smile did not fit on her face, she did not know if her hood had done magic, or if that of not running away screaming and hitting her companions had turned out well ... And Little Red Riding Hood, little by little, was letting her big bad wolf disappears. And school was never a horrible place again, but a place to feel good, learn, play pirates, and most importantly, make good friends.

Carolina Fernández story. Illustration by Brenda Figueroa.

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