China eliminates one-child policy

China eliminates one-child policy

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Can you imagine being forbidden to have more than one child? Only child, by legal imperative. Well, this is what happened to the Chinese since the 70s. The law of the only child prevented having more than one descendant, with the aim, they say, of controlling the disproportionate population, which was growing alarmingly.

Overpopulation versus fundamental right. Or is it not a right to conceive a child?

For more than 40 years, couples living in urban areas in China could not have more than one child. For those who lived in rural areas, the limit was two, as long as the first child was a girl. And this is so, because in China it is still important to have a male descendant. In fact, the measure of the only child in urban areas, had terrible consequences. Between them, originated an excess of 34 million males and a business of trafficking in women who come from other poorer countries, selective abortions and a massive abandonment of girls.

As of 2013, the Chinese communist government allowed couples whose one of the parents was already an only child to have two children. Now, the law of the only child disappears, but not completely. The limit goes from one to two children. The question is: should there be a limit?

Chinese babies are finally going to know what it means to have a brother. Until now, they were used to being the center of the family. Parents will also notice the changes. This is what Chinese couples will experience from now on, if they decide to have two children:

- The syndrome of the dethroned prince. The little brother suddenly feels that the newborn he 'steals from his parents'. This leads to jealousy of the older brother towards the little one and anguish and frustration in the firstborn.

- Jealousy between siblings. Yes, the inevitable jealousy and envy between siblings will appear, which parents will have to learn to manage with ease.

- Regression episodes. When older siblings suddenly feel 'ignored' by the arrival of their little brother, many re-acquire baby habits they had already given up, such as wanting the pacifier again, relapse into enuresis problems ..

- Lack of time for parents. One is not the same as two. The more children, more time you will need to dedicate.

- Each child has a different personality and temperament. Parents will have to learn to educate both in a different but fair and balanced way. A challenge.

- Having a brother is an excellent school of values. They will learn to share, to respect the other's space, to be tolerant ...

- A fantastic playmate. No games, toys. Even playing with parents does not replace a brother. The brother, in most cases (not always), is the best entertainment.

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