Rag-bear's children's riddles on video

Rag-bear's children's riddles on video

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The riddles helps children to reason and develop their imaginations. Children need challenges and fun games to learn, and the ragged bear proposes you a series of very funny riddles for children.

Ragged Bear is the mascot of Guí and has come up with some nice and colorful videos of riddles to play with children. Encourage the children to look at Ragged's riddles and check together if you get the answer right.

Riddles, also called riddles, are popular sayings, children's brain teasers that aim to entertain and amuse children while contributing to their learning and teaching a new vocabulary.Traposo's Riddles they are a good introduction for children in this fun game.

Riddles of vowels. Ragged Bear vowel riddles for children. our site offers us a video for children to learn vowels through riddles. Funny rag bear video for the whole family.

Fruit riddles. Funny video with Rag Bear fruit riddles for children. Fun riddles about different fruits, to learn while playing with children. Through Traposo's videos, children will be able to learn and try to answer riddles, listen to jokes and laugh a lot.

Riddles about the landscape. Riddles about the landscape and nature to learn and have fun with children, told by the funny and cuddly Ragged Bear, our site's mascot. Riddles about nature and landscape for children. A video with which children will have fun with the riddles.

Riddles of flowers. The funny and cute Ragged Bear tells us flower riddles to play with children and make them think and be more awake. Through Traposo's videos, children can learn and try to answer riddles. This time they are riddles of the queens of spring.

Riddles of the body. Fun riddles about the parts of the human body, to learn while playing with children, told by the funny and cute Ragged Bear, our site's mascot. Children will be able to know the names of the parts of the body, trying to guess these riddles.

Riddles in English. Riddles in English with Rag. Learn English with Traposo. children's vocabulary in English. Language learning in childhood. Educational videos in English.

Riddles in German. Video of riddles in German for children. Learn German with Traposo. Simple vocabulary in German. Teach German for children. To learn german.

Riddles in Portuguese. Traposo video to learn riddles in Portuguese. Simple vocabulary in Portuguese for children. How to learn learn Portuguese.

Guessing games. Riddles for children with Rag. The game of Cuckoo Tras. Guess who I am with Traposo. Children's guessing games. Videos to guess the animals.

Riddles in French. Animal riddles in French for children. Learn French vocabulary with Ragged Bear. Educational videos to learn French.

Riddles in English. Educational videos in English.

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