10 German names for girls

10 German names for girls

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As it is not always easy to choose the name of the baby, we have proposed to put a little order in the large number of possibilities. We organize the names according to their origin and we find the german names for girls.

The names of Germanic origin They are strong names and with some very interesting meanings. In our list of 10 German names for girls we have selected the most beautiful and charismatic names.

1. Carlota. It is one of the most beautiful and well-known Germanic names for girls. It means 'strong' and maintains its popularity thanks to that charisma that it gives off capable of reinforcing the personality of your girl.

2. Adela. This name means 'noble' and in addition to being a popular name throughout the world in its various variants, it is a traditional name that we have known since ancient times. Its great personality has meant that it does not lose its freshness over time.

3. Heidi. The name means 'Princess' and we like it for its musicality and for the good energy it transmits. We cannot separate it from the names of children's movies, but in recent years it has become a very sophisticated name.

4. Emma. This name that means 'force' It is one of those traditional names that has managed to reinvent itself generation after generation to always appear as a modern and very seductive name.

5. Gisela. If there is a Germanic name that girls like, this is what it means 'arrow'. With a musicality that enhances its delicacy, it is one of the most charming names.

6. Frida. The name is typically Germanic and means 'princess of peace'. Its use is widespread throughout the world and it is one of the most appreciated original names for girls thanks to the Mexican painter Frida Khalo.

7. Erika. This is one of those Scandinavian names that we know thanks to the German tradition. It means 'eternity' And its popularity increases every year because it is forceful and at the same time charming.

8. Matilde. This name of Germanic origin means 'combat'. It has a marked medieval accent and we like it because it is one of those traditional names that never go out of style.

9. Gretel. The name is simple, original and beautiful. It means 'pearl' and we know him from a character in children's stories. However, in recent years it is gaining popularity among girls around the world.

10. Berta. With a meaning like 'radiance' and with that distinguished and exquisite air that she possesses, Berta is becoming one of the favorite names for families around the world.

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