Crafts for 8 year olds

Crafts for 8 year olds

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Crafts are not only a playful activity that entertains children, they also help them learn values ​​such as recycling, improve their concentration or gain more dexterity with their hands.

In we show you ideal children's craftsfor 8 year olds. These are perfect crafts for children to give away for Father's Day, Mother's Day, celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Carnival, or just to have a good time.

Here you will find a selection of crafts ideal for 8-year-olds who are already capable of doing certain manual tasks without the help of an adult.

Treasure box. At GuiaInfantil we have come up with the idea of ​​creating a wooden treasure box for children using ice cream sticks. A very entertaining children's craft with which children will have fun while learning to recycle.

Cardboard train. On our site we have made a beautiful toy train using different types of recycling materials: egg boxes, toilet paper roll, plastic caps and cardboard boxes.

Owl-shaped bag. Does your daughter like bags? Now you can create your own bag at home in a very easy and fun way. On our site we teach you how to make a beautiful and original owl-shaped bag with felt.

Felt brooches. On our site we propose you to make brooches in the shape of dolls made with felt to give to mom for Mother's Day or to a friend, aunt, a grandmother ...

Wool heart. Wool heart. Decorative children's craft made with a balloon and wool. Nice craft of a wool heart that you can give for a birthday or for Valentine's Day.

Jeweler with matchboxes. Jewelry box made with matchboxes from our site. Easy homemade craft to make gifts for Mother's Day or for a birthday for mom or grandma. Cardboard crafts to do with children.

Paper flowers. Making paper flowers is a very simple and easy craft that will entertain children a lot. On our site we will teach you how to make different colored flowers using paper napkins. Homemade flowers to give for Mother's Day.

Origami Santa Claus. Have a fun Christmas with this craft to make an origami Santa Claus. Origami is a traditional Japanese art that is based on making figures with a single sheet of paper. Enjoy it at home with this exclusive idea for our site.

Paper mache pumpkin. Paper mache allows you to make very original and durable crafts, so on our site we suggest you make a Halloween pumpkin using newspaper and glue.

Puppet sock. How to make a puppet out of a sock. When children grow up we have a lot of clothes that are too small for them like socks, which we can turn into a puppet with this children's craft.

Easter bunny with balloons. A rabbit made with balloons for children. The rabbit is one of the star characters during Easter. We suggest you make this endearing characters with balloons. It's about inflating, twisting and gathering balloons following our steps to create a cute Easter bunny.

Pinocchio puppet. We teach you how to make a puppet from one of the most endearing characters in children's stories: Pinocchio. A character who also embodies many values ​​that you can teach your child in a simple way. How to make a Pinocchio toy with the children.