Flower bracelet with beads. DIY crafts

Flower bracelet with beads. DIY crafts

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In we show you how to make flower-shaped bracelets usingbeads. Making bracelets, necklaces or rings is an activity that amuses and entertains children a lot.

In addition to entertaining them and encouraging them to create their own toys, this activity enhances children's concentration and attention, stimulates children's motor coordination and encourages them to perform precision work.

  • Fishing line or thread
  • Colored beads
  • Pair of scissors

Tip: depending on the age of your children, buy larger beads so that they cost less to set.

1. Cut a piece of fishing line. Take a bracelet hook, insert it at one end and tie a knot. Then put three balls of one color and a different one and pass the thread through them again. When pulling, a circle of balls will be made.

2. Put three balls back into one end and pass the fishing line again. By stretching your flower it will take shape.

3. Repeat the process again to make another flower, and so on until the bracelet is shaped.

4. When you're done, put the hook on the other end and you have a flower bracelet.

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