Contact lenses to correct myopia in children

Contact lenses to correct myopia in children

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Formerly it was thought that myopia was something much more genetic than it has now been seen to be, we have seen that it has a much more functional component, that is, we are adapting to our environment. Children's eyes are getting used to overusing vision at such short distances and that is why they don't see well at longer distances. It is one of the reasons for the appearance of myopia in childhood.

There are different methods to correct a prescription such as myopia, the best known is the use of glasses. A second alternative is the contact lens option.

We must not forget that within contact lenses there are several types, there are softer ones and there are what were called hard contact lenses that are permeable to gas.

But the most important thing in the world of contact lenses and children is that many times it is necessary to customize them, that is, there are different sizes and the most widespread is the one sizeBut that does not mean that children with eyes that are smaller than normal can use these contact lenses.

On the other hand, there are other contact lenses that are beginning to spread more than are those for nocturnal orthokeratology, they are harder contact lenses that the patient must wear to sleep and change the shape of your eye, that is, so that the relief of your eye changes. So when you wake up in the morning you can remove those contact lenses and can see well for the rest of the day without having to wear contact lenses or glasses.

These contact lenses have something very different compared to other soft lenses, and that is that they help myopia not continue to grow. There have been numerous studies in which it has been seen that these lenses either stop or make myopia not grow as much as it could have grown if the child did not wear them.

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