How is the student with high abilities

How is the student with high abilities

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In some children there are special abilities or outstanding attitudes when it comes to learning. They are children who stand out for learning more easily and often with more autonomy and they are the children with high capacities.

We analyze the characteristics of these children with high capacities and we consider what special needs they have in schools, how to serve them in a more personalized way so as not to slow down their learning pace and develop their cognitive abilities to the maximum.

1. Ease of learning. Children with high abilities are discovered in the early years by early learning and generally without help. His comprehension ability it is higher than normal and soon they are able to use their own resources to solve problems.

2. Good school performance. This ease of learning translates into excellent school performance in the early years of school. However, so that this performance does not suffer, children with outstanding attitudes must be cared for in a special way to avoid getting bored in class.

3. Intelligence above average. In schools, it is common for students to intelligence tests to measure your IQ. These students have an above-average IQ and are therefore considered more intelligent.

4. Great creativity. Highly gifted students stand out for their linguistic, mathematical and artistic abilities. With a wide vocabulary and great ease true, but also with a certain independence of thought, originality and imagination. They also usually have some special talent in a specific field such as music, sports or art.

5. Greater degree of commitment. In these students, a perfectionist character and great perseverance are observed when carrying out school tasks, which translates into a degree of commitment to school activities and a sense of responsibility greater than in other children.

6. Motivation for learning. Children with high abilities are children with curiosity For new knowledge, they often ask unexpected questions on any subject and have a great memory capacity.

1. Access to additional resources. One of the main needs of these gifted students is access to additional resources. They show a self-taught attitudeBut they need the appropriate means to expand knowledge on their own.

2. Stimuli for creativity. At school they must take into account the special needs of these children and must be prepared to stimulate their creativity and not slow down their cognitive development, which is a educational challenge for both teachers and children.

3. Extra work. Activities are recommended for these children to do jobs outside school hours. Researching, analyzing and drawing their own conclusions in the subjects that most attract them will help them to continue developing their skills.

4. Modify the contents. Some schools offer the possibility of modifying the course contents for these kids with outstanding attitudes. But if expanding the content is a stimulus and almost a necessity in order not to slow down your learning pace, it can also encourage exclusion from your peers.

5. Individualized attention. There is no doubt that gifted students require personalized attention to learn his skills and develop their talents, but that is something that not all schools can afford due to lack of financial means and trained teaching staff.

6. Self-esteem. We cannot forget something as important as caring for the self-esteem of these children with high capacities who know they are different. Managing their special characteristics in a way that does not make them feel excluded, but also not superior, is the task of the family and from faculty in equal parts.

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