Is it normal for children to be afraid of clowns?

Is it normal for children to be afraid of clowns?

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Among the best known fears of children are the fear of the dark, fear of being alone, fear of water, fear of loud noises, ... But have you ever heard about the fear that some young children have of clowns Or to people with extravagant looks, flashy makeup, unpleasant or even tattoos?

I recently read a little article that talked about 'coulrophobia' (fear of clowns), at first it sounded like Chinese, but soon this fear seemed very familiar and common among children. I have numerous examples of this fear in my children: my daughter Ana could not watch a television series for children because 'the bad one', although she was a fairly innocent character, she had a ridiculous appearance, bright and very colorful clothes, and his voice was shrill. My daughter's vision made her hair stand on end; Also my little boy last Christmas was horrified by the nursery teacher who had dressed up as Santa Claus and went to him to ask about his favorite toys; Even when they were younger, I remember that someone cried when they saw me come out of the shower with my hair wrapped in a towel, they looked at me puzzled and puzzled as if they did not recognize me and that I was not wearing my avocado mask!

The symptoms can be more or less pronounced, they can range from a certain anxiety and distrust to an absolute panic attack at the sight of clowns or extravagant characters. Our little ones cannot discriminate when they are in this state of anxiety, that the character in question is funny or wants to gain their trust, they only see a threat and do not attend to more reasons. Fear is irrational and more so in a child. There are numerous situations in which our child can be exposed to these fears: a simple birthday party, celebrations such as Halloween or carnival, movies or television series (suitable for children) ..., and it may cause our little one a deep uneasiness and anguish, since it is not so rare that in the first years of the lives of our children, this unknown vision can produce a deep unease and distrust.

In less frequent cases, they can cause a phobia that is difficult to overcome that requires psychological treatment. We must take it with some caution because, many times, characters that we do not expect can cause deep trauma to our children because of their ugliness or sinister behavior. They told me the case of a child who was in psychological treatment because he became obsessed with Gollum, the ugly character of the Lord of the Rings, even a friend has told me that her little girl had a horrible fear of the most endearing alien on the screen: E.T.

We are attentive to the reactions of our children and do not allow this type of characters to cause them any trauma since they do not yet distinguish between fiction and reality.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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