Parents on the warpath over the duties of children

Parents on the warpath over the duties of children

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Homework is nothing new. Education has been based for years on learning at school and fixing concepts at home. Nevertheless, something is happening when so many parents complain about the level of homework that children have in primary school.

Is it normal for an 8-year-old to spend two hours doing homework? Doesn't he have time to play? Or even to do some extracurricular activity if he wishes?

It is no exaggeration to say that from the 3rd year of primary school the level of demand is such that children spend their afternoons doing homeworkThey don't play, they don't watch television, they don't go to the park, they just do homework.

This complaint is not only part of the conversations in the groups of parents when picking up their children from school. Many parents' associations have already denounced it, public complaints have been opened through the Internet that other parents can join, books have been written ...

It is easy to think, I did it at the beginning, that children take so long because it is difficult for them to get to work, because they are distracted or because you have to be very on top. However, it is enough to talk to parents of children of all kinds - with excellent grades, good grades, or regular grades, the end is the same. Their children do nothing else all afternoon than homework.

Statistics support parent complaintsIn the last decade, daily dedication to homework in primary school has grown: 10 years ago 37% of students dedicated less than an hour to homework, now it is 20%; 40% of the students dedicated between one and two hours to homework, now there are 48%; and those who 10 years ago spent more than two hours have gone from 23% to 32%.

The teachers are not in all cases responsible, they are pressured by a too extensive syllabus that they have to fulfill during the course, the impossibility of doing so makes the children have to do excessive 'overtime' and thus be able to cover all subjects.

In short, it is a involution of the educational system Or, did we spend all afternoon doing homework at the age of 7, 8 or 9? I, at least not.

This fact is not isolated, it occurs in the United States, Spain or France, where although homework is prohibited for children between 6 and 11 years old, the teachers broke the rules and caused a strike of duties that forced the educational system to put less pressure on the students.

The Spanish Confederation of Associations of Parents of Students proposes to avoid this overload 'the reform of the educational curriculum with a view to teaching that is more motivating, practical and focused on the acquisition of basic skills typical of these times and adequate teacher training in this regard'. It also requires that homework is only complementary training and can be done without the help of an adult.

I eat mother of a child drowned with homework overload, I join the complaint of many other parents and associations. Because I want my son to learn, but I also want him to play and have free time, and above all, that the system does not frustrate him, nor does it lower his self-esteem, much less make him think that he cannot.

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