My daughter's relationship with books

My daughter's relationship with books

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One of the moments that I cherish the most in my memories are the afternoons I spent with my daughter in the Children's Library where I live. Friday afternoons were sacred, magical, and highly anticipated. I would sit her in a chair for the little ones in the library, and we let ourselves be carried away by the colors, by the illustrations, by what the books told us.

The book was always my daughter's dearest friend. Instead of a teddy bear, she fell asleep clutching a book. She pampered him, hugged him, and put him to sleep. In the morning, the book decorated her bed, and the following night her reunion with him was another very special moment. And so it was that night after night, my daughter was acquiring an enormous love for reading.

At first, her dad and I took turns at the foot of her bed, reading a book to her. Later, she would read it to us, and as time went by, she would invent some characters (Javi the bear, for example), she would guide us with a little script, and we had to invent a story with what she asked us to do. However, it didn't take long for her to start turning the pages of the books alone.

The books have grown with her. At six or seven he liked to read everything, and more and more pages, more stories and stories. And such was her attraction, interest and curiosity for more and more stories, that one night we caught her reading a book secretly with a flashlight, under the duvet, something that made us gulp our laughter and get firm about the reading hours.

Today, my daughter has become a prodigious reader. With the 15 years of life that she has, she has already read entire collections such as Harry Potter, Teo's library, Kika Superbruja, Enid Blyton, Steam Boat, as well as magazines, comics, etc. She says she wants to be a writer. She is proud to have won a few short story awards at her school. And we, deeply convinced that if we have done something right in her education it was to have encouraged her to read since she was very little, when she could not even hold a book in her hands.

I encourage all parents to take their children to the library or bookstore that is closest to their home and also to the storytellers. The habit of reading is taught in practice, it is done and built, page by page.

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