The shoemaker and the goblins. Christmas story for children

The shoemaker and the goblins. Christmas story for children

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Stories convey values ​​and help children understand complex words. What is generosity? And goodness? If the story is short, you will also be able to attract the child's attention.

In this case, from, we propose you a story set at Christmas, which speaks of kindness, generosity and gratitude, three fundamental values ​​for the education of children.

Once upon a time there was a very poor shoemaker, very poor, who worked day and night to run his home. His wife did not have a job and they had no children. The shoemaker sold fewer and fewer shoes. It was Christmas, and it was cold, and he ran out of money to buy some leather and keep working.

- 'This is my last pair of leather straps - he said sadly to his wife- Tomorrow I will finish my last pair of shoes. If I don't sell them well, I won't have the money to buy more leather. '

The shoemaker went to sleep. But something incredible happened that night. As soon as the clock struck 12, two little goblins appeared as if by magic in the shoemaker's house. They were naked, and he was cold. They saw the leather strips on the table, but instead of using them to keep warm, they began to sew shoes for the shoemaker. His hands were small and the stitches very fine. They managed to finish the most perfect shoes anyone had ever made.

When the shoemaker woke up, he saw the pair of shoes on the table. I could not believe what I was watching. He called his wife and showed her the miracle. They were the most perfect and elegant shoes I had ever seen. As soon as I put them in the window, a man came in and bought them for a very good price. Thanks to that money, the shoemaker was able to buy more leather to make more shoes. And that night, history repeated itself. The goblins appeared at 12 o'clock and went back to sewing, in this case, two pairs of shoes.

And so one day passed, and another and another. His shoes were the best, and the shoemaker quickly acquired a group of wealthy and appreciative customers who admired his work.

But the shoemaker wanted to know what happened every night. His curiosity made him wait a day hidden behind an armchair. Then he saw it all. At 12 o'clock, once again, the goblins appeared, naked and freezing to death. The shoemaker looked at them in amazement and was saddened. The next day, he told his wife and between the two of them they decided to prepare clothes and tiny shoes for them. It was Christmas Eve. They left them on the table and went to sleep.

The pixies appeared at 12 like every night, and excitedly discovered the zopa and the shoes.

"It will be for us!" They said.

They quickly put on their clothes. They put on their shoes and walked away very happy and grateful singing: - 'finally we are elegant pixies'.

The shoemaker and his wife were very happy to see that the elves had taken their gift. They did not see them again, but the shoemaker continued working and was never without a customer.

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