Older siblings are smarter and little ones are more fun

Older siblings are smarter and little ones are more fun

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Which brothers are the smartest, most handsome, good, responsible, and funniest? It is the eternal discussion. The older ones say they are smarter and the little ones defend that they are the joy of the family.

All these baseless discussions, now have an answer that says that the older ones are smarter and the little ones more fun.

Already in the time of Charles Darwin, an anthropologist named Francis Galton and his first cousin detected that many of the most important scientists of his time were the older brothers in their families. Now, in the 21st century, a study has come out that endorses the ideas that Galton left embodied and that talks about whether birth order affects children's personality.

According to this study by the University of Leipzig, for many years it has been believed that birth order shaped children's personalities, with older children being responsible and younger being impulsive. However, the study says that being the first-born or the youngest does not determine personality. Only the individual intellect of each one is responsible for it.

What experts have found out through various studies is that manyOlder siblings have generally higher IQs than younger siblings. And, although different authors have tried to explain this fact, the reason is not yet known.

If older siblings are smarter (only sometimes), then what are little ones? The youngest of each house have always defended that they are great and, above all, much more fun. They, and I say they because I am the oldest, believe that the elderly have to be more responsible and much more is required of them (which I agree with), so they have to develop another facet, draw the attention of another form.

A) Yes develop a point of genius, creativity and imagination that older people lack. They are the joy of family gatherings or the center of conversation when talking about funny or funny things about children.

But is this true? There are also researchers who have studied this trend and what they tell us is that they do not really have to be the funniest or funniest, but it does happen that they themselves look more jovial and calm. It is a personal perception, they feel identified with those characteristics.

The conclusion of all this is that, 'it depends, it all depends, depending on how you look at it, it all depends', as the song said.

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