Today's mothers are more fearful

Today's mothers are more fearful

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Do you think the mothers of today are more fearful of our children than we were before? Although we live in a safer environment to raise our children, today, mothers live in a kind of stress that does not leave us alone.

But, there is even more: there are those who recognize that elderly mothers, that is, those who have had their children shortly before reaching their quarantine, are easy prey of irrational fears that only increase.

It could be said that today's moms live in a true paradox. Despite the fact that scientific advances in the field of medicine have reduced mortality rates, we live in increasingly developed countries, we have access to new technologies and we lead a comfortable life, the anxiety to know at all times how our children will be does not leave us alone.

Our protective instinct, perhaps in some cases exaggerated, forces us to be on top of our children and we fear that we will be late to pick them up at school and that the child or children will be left alone at the door exposed to anything or anyone, we fear that Children get out of the car through the wrong door and something could happen to them, we fear that any virus or disease could seriously affect their health or that what they eat every day, when we are not present, could affect their health in the future.

But what we are really looking forward to is his education. For many parents it is an essential requirement for their emotional balance to see that their children are well adapted to nursery school, that they are happy sharing the day with their classmates and that they get good grades. And it is that academic results are the icing on the iceberg of the irrational fear that we have as mothers that our children do not reach where their ability reaches to achieve a good professional future.

Are we too cautious? Is it good or bad to live with those fears? If we decide not to take the children to kindergarten so that they do not get influenza A and we chase them with soap around the house to wash their hands to avoid being contaminated with germs from school, perhaps we will prevent ourselves Kill the flu, but the tachycardia sure will.

Pursuing perfection will eventually make us feel guilty for being so protective and, at the same time, enter a spiral of anxiety and stress, which makes any negative comment about our 'good work' intolerable. And then, when someone proposes a coffee with friends, without children, laughter appears accompanied by that gratifying feeling of well-being that produces the relaxation of dedicating a few minutes to yourself, without thinking of anyone else, without the burden of children . There is something we have to change, don't you think?

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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