Christmas postcards for children. 3D tree

Christmas postcards for children. 3D tree

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Christmas is the time to share, to give gifts ... a beautiful time of the year when children are the ones who have the best time. For them we have this beautiful craft, a Christmas postcard that keeps a 3D tree inside.

Without a doubt, it will surprise you to open this beautiful Christmas card and find a tree in relief, it is a good way for children to have a good time during the holidays and to congratulate your family and friends in an original way.

If you want to do other fun activities shaped like Christmas tree, We propose you this Christmas fir canape with guacamole.

  • White cardboard
  • Red card
  • Yellow card
  • Green card
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Glue
  • Colored markers
  • Glitter of different colors
  • Heart punch
  • Star punch

1. To form the base of our card, we are going to cut a rectangle of 15 x 30 cm white cardboard. and to fold it in half. We will thus have a double card measuring 15 x 15 cm. Punch or cut a star in the center of the card, at the top

2. Cut three equal triangles out of red construction paper. The height must be from the base of the white cardboard to the star that we have punched out, so that when assembling the tree the star is at the top.

3. Fold the three triangles in half lengthwise. Glue them together as if you were laying one on top of the other. This way you will get a tree that can be folded and unfolded.

4. Punch or cut out stars and hearts from yellow and green card stock and glue them to all sides of the tree to decorate it. Glue the tree in the center of the white card so that you will have a nice tree when you open the card.

5. Now you have to decorate the outside. Draw concentric circles with colored markers, and with another color draw lines up to the top, so that they are like hanging Christmas balls.

6. Wait for it to dry, and it's done! A very colorful card that keeps an amazing three-dimensional tree inside.

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