Food in children's stories

Food in children's stories

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Yesterday I read an interesting article that talked about food in children's stories on the occasion of the publication of the book 'Gastronomy in children's stories' by Julio Vallés. The report dealt with the issue of how food in children's stories often served as punishment or as a reward.

This is the case of the apple in the Snow White tale, the soup in the Mafalda comics, the chocolate from Willy Wonka's factory or the Hansel and Gretel chocolate house.

Perhaps they have gone unnoticed many times by us, but what would the story of Little Red Riding Hood be without her basket? How would the bears know that Goldilocks had entered their house if they had not had their soup? Or how would Alice have been able to grow if Wonderland had not eaten the cakes?

Children's stories are full of gastronomic references, Enyd Blyton's stories now come to my mind. The seven secrets Y The five they were a group of children who lived countless adventures, but never went on an excursion without providing a good supply of food. Gooseberry pies, steak sandwiches, and sandwiches of all kinds filled entire pages in these books and caused many of us to raid the pantry in search of delicious cookies.

The magic beans took their protagonist to a magical castle where an evil giant lived. The ant spent the summer carrying provisions to his little house while the cicada spent hours doing nothing. In reality, children's stories teach children about food, almost without realizing it. There are stories that can awaken the appetite of children and others, on the other hand, contribute to the little ones considering some foods as their “enemies”. In any case, stories always teach something, which is why they are so important from childhood.

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