Stories stimulate children's brain development

Stories stimulate children's brain development

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How smart is my boy! Thanks to lStories stimulate children's brain development, many mothers and fathers feel very good when in nursery school the teacher tells us that our baby already knows the letters or differentiates the numbers, that he understands the messages and the class explanations perfectly or that he helps teach other classmates to read . How do they do it?

Thanks to reading children's stories and playing with educational toys that stimulates the development of children's brains.

I have always liked to read stories to my children, tell them stories about when I was little, how she surprised me with the sayings that my grandmother told me, teach them how to do this or that, show them curious things ... I have always had fun sitting down on the carpet and playing anything with the children, we have all done it together, especially on weekends and we have had really fun times. The most curious thing is that what seems a natural thing that many parents do with children because it comes from our hearts, it can enrich them so much.

The early stimulation that parents do with our children helps them establish a greater number of neural interconnections in the children's brain. Reading stories at a very young age, as well as playing with educational toys, influence the growth of your brain, according to a study by the University of Pennsylvania (USA) at the Annual Meeting of the Neuroscience Society.

And it is that for children to be smarter, stimulation is essential. These researchers have shown that there is an extremely sensitive period in childhood, during which brain development is strongly influenced by environmental factors.

But how does this brain mechanism work? When the brain develops it always produces more neural connections than necessary. But over time, these neural connections that have not been effective through experience are considered 'leftovers' and are eliminated in a process called 'synaptic pruning'. Synaptic pruning reduces the thickness of the cerebral cortex and makes information processing much more efficient.

So the early stimulation that parents carry out with children by reading them stories, telling them stories, playing with them ... have a decisive influence on the formation of the structure of their brain. This study shows that cognitive stimulation at an early age leads to changes in the thickness of the cerebral cortex.

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