My son is not afraid of anything!

My son is not afraid of anything!

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There are moments in the lives of our little ones when they seem to fear nothing. At home it is usually easier to take precautions, but in the street, the dangers are multiple.

Children under the age of three or four show a generalized folly out of the ordinary.

When our little one begins to walk and has freedom of movement, he does not hesitate for a moment to exercise it, so the babies get off the stroller in full swing, throw themselves overboard before a brief stop, refuse to shake hands with Mom, they escape from our arms, they throw themselves out of bed without thinking before Dad's arrival, they move several meters away from our gaze at the slightest distraction ... what tension!

It is rare not to see a one or two year old with a bump on his forehead, even a bump on top of another bump. For months this will be our new ordeal: prevent our son from accident for his exploring impulses. In the street, especially we must be alert to traffic, shout or cry they have to understand that they must shake hands to cross the street, begin to teach them to differentiate between red lights and zebra crossings.

The accidents with the most frequent result of death among children are those of traffic, whether due to being run over, due to lack of adequate restraint measures in the vehicle or due to collision, they are also the most common cause of injuries in children: trauma, visceral injuries, fractures, etc., so let's not stop tying them firmly in the face of circumstances that may pose a danger to them: roads, doors, places with many people, transportation, parks and playgrounds, shopping areas. Sometimes the task is complicated when we have several children in our care, the older brother must be responsible, so that he does not lead us to some neglect with the smallest, who inevitably needs our attention, especially on the street.

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