4 out of 10 children eat breakfast alone

4 out of 10 children eat breakfast alone

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Yes, it costs them to get up. Children do not usually like to get up early. For this reason, from the first hour, going to school becomes a race against time. You have to get up, wash your face, get dressed and of course, you have to have breakfast. So parents in the end we don't complicate our lives and we end up asking the child: 'what do you want?', Instead of saying: 'this is your breakfast'.

Then we start to finish what we left undone, and we take the opportunity to leave them alone having breakfast, while we shout every three minutes ... Have you finished? .... come on!

In the end, the children have what they want for breakfast, and it is not usually a whole wheat toast with olive oil and tomato, an orange juice and an egg. They are usually cereal or a bun, quick to eat and palatable. Also, they eat breakfast alone, and with the television on.

These are data from a study carried out by pediatricians and nutritionists (Spanish Foundation of Dietitians-Nutritionists and the Spanish Society of Social Pediatrics) on the breakfast habits of Spanish children, where really worrying data is reflected. For example:

- 8% of children over 6 years old do not eat breakfast every day (which affects their physical development and school performance).

- The economic crisis is causing families to change their eating habits at breakfast (impoverishing the menu of the most important meal of the day).

- 3 out of 10 children consume a piece of pastries for breakfast every day (most industrial pastries).

- Only 4 out of 10 children include fruit in their breakfast.

Many parents place more importance on making their child's breakfast fun and simple than healthy. The reason: with the first option, they finish earlier.

1. Always accompanied. If you let the child eat breakfast alone, he will end up eating what he wants and also downplay the most important meal of the day. If you have breakfast accompanied by your father or mother, you will gradually incorporate more balanced foods into your breakfast.

2. Fruit for breakfast. The best way to eat fruit is whole, but the rush leads us to look for a faster option. There are no excuses: A freshly squeezed orange juice will provide you with fiber and vitamin C without having to suffer for the clock.

3. Best bread with olive oil or with margarine than cereals. Why? Because processed cereals often exceed the recommended amount of sugar. The bread with margarine and jam, or with olive oil, provide cereals and also vitamins and essential fats for growth.

4. Don't forget about dairy. A glass of milk or a yogurt. Remember that children need more calcium than adults.

5. Without so much rush. It's a bit of a utopia, true, but whenever possible, it is preferable to give breakfast a little more time. If necessary, you will have to get up earlier.

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