The most popular superstitions among children

The most popular superstitions among children

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Do you believe in superstitions at home or do you think they are silly? I am referring to popular beliefs that, even if they have no scientific basis, determine the good and bad luck of a person, such as' it is bad luck to go under a ladder ', or' that a black cat cross your path '... Superstitions are popular and eccentric beliefs that involve animals, objects, plants, colors, numbers, days of the week, as well as an infinity of elements.

Many times superstitions are passed from parents to children, and from them to friends and schoolmates. A person is superstitious when he believes that there are hidden forces that can symbolize and determine a situation for good or for evil. Follow some:

Friday the 13th. A Friday that falls on the 13th of any month is considered by some to be an unlucky day.

To cross fingers. The belief that crossing two fingers keeps the bad away is one of the most used.

Black cat. The bad reputation of the black cat comes from the witches of the Middle Ages who used them in their rituals. When a black cat crosses someone's path, they say that means bad luck.

Wake up with the right foot. Some people have the habit of getting out of bed in the morning, stepping on the right foot first because they believe that this will guarantee a good day.

The color yellow. There are people who do not paint the walls of their house, or dress, or give anything that is yellow because they believe that this color is related to falsehood, betrayal and the negative.

Breaking a mirror inside the house. Some believe that when a mirror breaks inside the house, it should be immediately thrown into the trash. You have to get them out of the house because it is said that this can represent a disease.

Go under a ladder. They say that it brings bad luck to anyone who passes under a ladder.

The number 13. For some this number represents luck and for others bad luck.

- Touch wood. This is one of the beliefs that is used the most. It is always good to have some wood at home because they attract luck.

Touching the belly of a pregnant woman. Touching the belly of a pregnant woman is believed to be lucky for the one who does so.

Four Leaf Clover. They say that whoever finds a four-leaf clover will be very lucky.

Do you have any superstitions?

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