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Safer toys

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The Ministry of Health and Consumption launches a campaign to disseminate criteria for the purchase of safe toys, together with manufacturers, merchants and distributors. The number of alerts on toys has increased from 403 to 588 in the last three years due to the increased efficiency of inspection, control and analysis services.

More than 80 percent of the toys alerted in the last three years came from Asian countries, more than 11 percent were of unknown origin, almost 2 percent had their origin in non-Asian third countries and close to 7 percent it came from EU countries.

The most frequently alerted toys have been those that shoot arrows with suction cups; soft toys to squeeze; dolls and stuffed animals; cars, boats and planes; telephones and rattles; drag toys and costumes and masks. Its main potential risks have been asphyxia (59.20%), various injuries (25.80%), poisoning (17.26%), strangulation (4.60%), hearing damage (3.60%), burns ( 1.71%) and electric shocks (1.56%). The CICC, which analyzes suspicious products sent by the control authorities, this year analyzed 660 toys, of which 337 did not comply with current regulations.

This campaign is especially important due to the upcoming Christmas season, in which the acquisition of toys reaches the highest figures of the whole year. Under the slogan Working together for safety, the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ), the National Association of Toy Merchants (ANCOJ) and the National Association of Large Distribution Companies (ANGED) join the Ministry of Health and Consumption in this battle for security and have committed to disseminating the messages of this campaign.

The initiative consists of an informative poster in which several basic rules are recalled so that consumers have more guarantees in the acquisition of toys. The steps are:

- Buy the right toy for every age.
- Check that it has the CE mark.
- Do not take risks with the integrity of children, saving on security.
- Read the safety warnings and instructions for use and watch the proper use of the toy, especially in the smallest.
- Proper use of toys avoids risks.

This plan has three fundamental axes: Strengthening the consumer rights, improve training and information for them, and consolidate cooperation and dialogue with consumers, through their associations, with business sectors and with the competent public administrations in consumer matters.

Apart from that, Customs controls are already being strengthened, especially for products dedicated to children, preparing information material on the safety of children's products for distribution through the municipal consumer information offices and the Council of Consumers and Users. , and increasing toy inspections within next year's market surveillance campaigns.

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