The stress of the pregnant mother reaches her baby

The stress of the pregnant mother reaches her baby

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The documentary 'Emotional education from the maternal womb', made by the writer and scientific popularizer Eduardo Punset, focuses on the question: Are we aware that the mother's stress reaches her baby?

Until now many of us already knew that if the pregnant woman drinks alcohol or smoke, it can negatively affect the health of the baby she carries. But today, thanks to the latest research, it is known that the way in which the baby develops in the womb depends a lot not only on what the mother consumes, but also on the emotional state that she presents during pregnancy.

Are we aware that the mother's stress reaches her baby? This is the central question of the documentary made by the scientific writer and popularizer Eduardo Punset, in which he discovers, by the hand of the researcher in perinatal psychobiology at Imperial College London, Vivette Glover, the close relationship between emotions and life in the womb.

During the nine months of pregnancy, the controls that are performed on the mother and the fetus are common: weight control, amniocentesis, ultrasound, etc. What is now beginning to attract greater attention is the level of stress presented by pregnant women. If the mother suffers from ongoing stress or anxiety, she can predict that in the future her child may suffer from problems such as attention deficit, hyperactivity, and perhaps also behavior problems. It has been seen that levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which prepares the body to confront what it perceives as danger, can affect both mother and child.

The most anxious women reduce the blood flow to the baby. The higher the cortisol level in the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby, the lower the baby's IQ level may be afterward. The baby's brain and learning may be affected. The mother's level of anxiety could double the child's level of hyperactivity and have a long-term effect on the development of her children. According to the researcher, children of stressed mothers show more problems of anxiety, inattention, hyperactivity and also behavioral problems, especially in boys.

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