Perfume to develop the bond between mother and baby

Perfume to develop the bond between mother and baby

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How can a newborn recognize its mother with only a few minutes of life? The bond between mother and baby It exists from the time the child is born and will remain for life. It will be easy for the mother to remember many of the sensations that her son evoked when he was little, but what about the child?

The baby, through the smell, can identify his mother from birth, and to make this smell last forever, Iap Pharma Parfums, in the hands of Sandra Iruela and Anne Geddes, has created Babies and Moms, a pediatric-tested perfume , which can be used by both mother and baby from the first day of life.

All mothers remember without nuances how their baby smelled, and there is a scientific explanation for why babies smell so good.

Unlike older children and adults, newborns do not sweat and do not have active apocrine sweat glands, so they do not generate unpleasant odors through the skin.

This, added to the protective creams, bath gels and tested perfumes, make them always give off a magnificent smell.

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