The first prenatal checkup after the pregnancy test

The first prenatal checkup after the pregnancy test

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The nerves with which you have faced the result of the pregnancy test have given way to the most complete happiness. You are pregnant and now what? As soon as you recover from the news, as soon as you assume that you are going to be a mother soon, you have to start taking care of your pregnancy. First of all, you have to go to your first prenatal checkup. Sooner.

Just know the positive result of your pregnancy test, you have to communicate it to your GP. Between the two of you, you will plan future gynecological consultations to monitor the development of the pregnancy. The doctor will refer you as soon as possible to your first prenatal checkup, which will surely be the most complicated and the most difficult to face. Therefore, you should be prepared for your first visit in pregnancy and it will help you to know what the first prenatal check-up consists of.

- The first prenatal visit consists of preparing and reviewing your medical history to detect possible complications in pregnancy. The doctor will ask you about your state of health, if you have allergies, any disease or family history, as well as your lifestyle. The questions remain about your menstrual cycle, previous pregnancies, or previous abortions.

- After the questions will come a Physical recognition recording data such as height, weight or blood pressure. Gynecological examination is necessary to ensure that everything is in order and to check the size of the uterus and the condition of the cervix. You may also have an ultrasound at that time to check for possible risk factors.

- In this first prenatal checkup, they will also give you blood test and urine. Urinalysis will look for possible infections, while blood tests will be done to determine blood group, hemoglobin levels, blood compatibility with the baby's father as well as to collect the history of childhood diseases.

- They may also make calls on this first prenatal visit prenatal diagnostic tests where possible abnormalities of the baby can be recognized. These tests are done if you are over 35 years old, if you have a family history of congenital diseases, or if you have been exposed to teratogens.

- Finally, to finish the first prenatal checkup, the doctor will give you the estimated date of delivery. And from this moment on, you just have to enjoy your pregnancy and start taking care of yourself more than ever.

Laura Velez. Writer of GuiaInfantil

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