The foods most rejected by children

The foods most rejected by children

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Why is it that all the children see some spinach and look disgusted? The situation is repeated with chard, leeks, artichokes or green beans. Few children seem to accept vegetables without problems, the majority are picky and reluctant to eat them.

Children prefer to skip meals that contain foods they do not like, receive reprimands, or expose themselves to mothers putting the plate back for lunch or dinner rather than simply eating a plate of vegetables.

A recent survey on eating habits carried out in Brazil showed that vegetables (lettuce, spinach, broccoli, eggplant ...) are the great enemies of children, so much so that 75% of them don't like it. Legumes follow with 66% who are reluctant to eat them. I am sure that the data can be extrapolated to any other country.

The reasons given by the children were that they did not like the way it looked or the taste. some even thought it was too bitter. 11% added to those reasons, that they were foods that were difficult for them to chew.

And, do you know what is the reaction of children to a plate of that food that they do not like? According to this study, 46% of children skip breakfast, 20% lunch and 23% dinner. Any excuse is good for it: 'I'm not hungry', 'my stomach hurts', 'I already ate at school' ...

This great workhorse that are vegetables and fruits, have in front of them a winning horse. What do you think are the foods they like the most? The children have it crystal clear: pasta and bread. 96% of the children stated that they liked these foods.

It is not a novelty that many children find a plate of vegetables bitter for their day, but as parents know that they must be part of their diet, what can we do?

- If you like pasta, let's take advantage of this resource to make new foods introducing the vegetables, for example, a zucchini pizza, spaghetti with mushrooms or a pasta salad with vegetables.

- One of the complaints that children give to the vegetable dish is its bitter taste, however not all vegetables are bitter, try sweetening with corn, pumpkin, peas or carrots.

- Filling the child's plate with vegetables and forcing him to eat them is a mistake, we can put a few as garnish.

- Begin to introduce them from the earliest childhood And that your children see that you eat them too is an important guideline to introduce them into their diet.

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