Paternity leave in the world

Paternity leave in the world

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When a baby is born, all eyes are on him and the proud mother. However, there is a very present figure in the education and affective bond of the new little person who also enjoys the moment of birth and subsequent upbringing: the father.

But how much time do parents have free when a child is born? Depending on the country in the world, we find inequality regarding paternity and maternity leave between them, since in some it can be shared, and it is usually higher than in others.

- Norway, Sweden and Finland, the best conditions in Europe:They are the countries in the world that have the best working conditions for couples who decide to have a child and enjoy paternity and maternity leave. In the case of Norway, since 2012 parents can enjoy 14 weeks with the baby as it is born, compared to 49 with full pay. Sweden, on the other hand, has 12 weeks paternity leave, 13 months available that the mother has. In the case of Finland, the mother has 15 weeks, and the father 2, but between the two, other 22 weeksas a family.

- Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom: While in Spain mothers enjoy 16 weeks off, men only have 2. The mother's can be shared with the father if they wish. In the case of France, mothers have 112 days after giving birth, but men only enjoy two weeks, as in Spain. In the case of Italy, mothers have 154 days and parents 91.

- European countries without paternity leave: However, there are countries in which men still do not have parental leave, such as Greece, the Czech Republic or Ukraine. In Ireland there are not by law, but they can share 112 of the 182 days that the mother has.

- U.S: It is one of the countries with the worst conditions for mothers, since remuneration is not maintained during the twelve-week maternity leave. In order to benefit from the salary while enjoying their babies, mothers often take leave for temporary disability or even sickness or vacation. However, paternity leave is included in state laws. Only 14 states, and the District of Columbia, have endorsed laws guaranteeing parental assistance.

- Brazil and Cuba: These are the Latin American countries that contemplate a longer maternity leave, with 120 days, more than 17 weeks. However, as for parents, they can only enjoy five days in the case of Brazil, which surpasses Cuba, which does not grant paternity leave. Both are the Latin American countries that give more days to new mothers, since the rest are below 12 weeks.

- Chile and Venezuela: In both countries, maternity leave is 14 weeks, but it is in the case of the days that correspond to the fathers of the babies where they differ. While Chile contemplates 5 days for the father, Venezuelan parents can be with their babies for up to 14 days, two weeks.

- Argentina, Mexico and Ecuador: In these three countries, mothers have 12 weeks of leave, but fathers cannot enjoy any day of leave for the birth of their child, except in the case of Mexico, which extends up to 25 days.

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