The two little angels. Poetry with rhyme for children

The two little angels. Poetry with rhyme for children

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Poetry is a great tool for engaging children, stimulating their concentration, and exercising their memory. If we also add rhyme, children will have an easier time retaining it.

This fun and tender poetry talks about little angels who could be, of course, two naughty and innocent children who spend the day playing.

In the clouds they play

the two little angels,

dressed in white

with two little birds.

In the clouds they jump

they are both blond,

How handsome they are!

they don't behave well,

they tie their wings

with a large string.

The Virgin looks at them

it would be from heaven,

these little angels

they create a stir.

And the two naughty

they keep plotting,

with rogue faces

and they keep playing.

To a kite

that a girl flies,

they cut the rope

they leave her lost.

The little girl

He can not believe,

that those little angels

not behave well.

The Virgin gets angry,

makes them call,

already so much fun

Look at them calm

you already know what to do,

he puts them both

face the wall.

The two little angels

they remain silent,

and they look for the way

to remedy.

They release the birds

they return the kite

to the little girl,

that is already happy.

The Virgin tells them

looking at them well,

what good manners

they have to learn.

And already very tired,

they look for the moon,

when night comes

to make her crib.

The Virgin smiles

seeing them asleep,

these little angels

they are two whirlwinds.

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