Natural scrubs for pregnant skin

Natural scrubs for pregnant skin

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If there is something that all pregnant experienced physically in pregnancy are changes in the skin. The spots can appear on the face, and stretch marks can appear on the legs or in the abdomen area due to their growth.

Therefore, it is necessary that we do not put aside the beauty care in pregnancy. On the one hand, it is necessary that we do them to feel beautiful in such a special moment, on the other to relax and take care of our dermis, and finally so that our body and our skin prepare to recover quickly and easily after childbirth. That is why the natural scrubs.

1. Aloe vera facial scrub: The face is one of the parts of the face that undergoes the most changes during pregnancy. Therefore, exfoliating your skin with aloe vera can be an excellent beauty routine during pregnancy, as it has regenerative properties. This promotes cell renewal and removes dead skin from the skin. Applying aloe vera with a tablespoon of brown sugar and a few drops of lemon will allow us to wash our face with this mixture and make the skin much prettier during pregnancy.

2. Strawberry body scrub: Not only do we have to be clear about exfoliating the face during pregnancy, but also that we cannot forget the body. The best thing in this case is the natural strawberry scrub, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. We will need to cut this fruit and combine it with sugar and also rice flour. This will allow us to regain the softness and freshness of the skin in pregnancy.

3. Honey facial maskAlthough a priori it may seem somewhat strange, exfoliating the skin with honey is not only the order of the day, but it is very important for the skin of the pregnant woman. Honey has disinfectant properties for the dermis and also gives it luminosity. To make the facial mask, it is necessary that we apply a little of this food and combine it with a tablespoon of sugar. Applying it on the face with circular movements we will achieve that the skin of the face in pregnancy is perfect.

4. Avocado exfoliating mask: This mask is very important if what we are looking for is the softness of the skin in pregnancy. Through the crushed avocado and a few drops of lemon juice, we can make a homemade mask that should be on our face for a few minutes before removing it with warm water. The skin will be much smoother and less tight if we have dry dermis, since avocado is a powerful natural moisturizer.

5. Natural sugar scrub: To prepare the skin in pregnancy we cannot forget that sugar is the fundamental ingredient. If we do not want to combine it with any other food, simply apply a few drops of lemon juice so that it is soaked, and then apply it on the face.

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