Mom, what's for snack today?

Mom, what's for snack today?

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Every afternoon my daughter comes home from school hungry! On the way back, the first thing he asks me is 'what's for lunch today?'

It is interesting that although she eats well during the meal, she always tends to have a monumental hunger in the middle of the afternoon. I am not complaining about that, what I do is take advantage of your great appetite, to offer you more varied and healthy foods.

On the contrary, I know children who are never hungry, which causes their parents to do their best to get them to eat. And that's when I think many are wrong, because they end up offering their children only what they want, and of course, children do not always want fruits or juices. They want buns, filled cookies, cakes ... ending up abusing sugar and saturated fat. And from there to obesity, just one step.

The most recommended in the snack is the variety of foods. I am looking to make combinations between dairy, carbohydrates and fruits. One day I prepare cereals with milk and chopped fruit, another day I make a sandwich or sandwich of some lean sausage, ham and cheese, accompanied by a natural fruit juice, and other days I give it a yogurt with nuts (raisins, hazelnuts , etc.) or with cookie pieces. The fruit smoothies (strawberry, banana, papaya ...) are very refreshing. Once or twice a week, I make a homemade cake, and on the weekends I allow some snack whims, a chocolate bar, a donuts, pancakes, palm trees, yes, whenever possible, prepared at home.

The smaller the child, the more fun, varied and healthy the snacks should be. For babies, fruit porridges are highly recommended. They provide them with fiber and nutrients so necessary for their physical development. We cannot forget that the habits that parents have, both at breakfast, at snack, as well as at lunch, snack and dinner, will be transmitted and imitated by our children. So watch what we eat too. Planning is a good way to ensure a varied and healthy snack for children.

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