What are the Rights of the Child

What are the Rights of the Child

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You like to play? All children have the right to play. We must defend our imagination and our fantasy through games.

We children are not old enough to work yet, they cannot force us to do things for which we are not prepared.

As we are smaller, many people think that they can do whatever they want with us ... and that's not right!

We have to eat, what do you like to eat? No one should go hungry anywhere in the world.

Right now there are many children who have nothing to eat and that is not right, we have to help!

Children have the right to education, this means that we have to go to school.

We have the right to learn to read and write for free, so we can grow in the same way as other children.

We have the right to be healthy, so they have to give us medical assistance wherever we go. For example, if there is a risk situation, children must be the first to be attended to.

Children who find it more difficult to walk, talk or learn must be given all our love and respect.

They have the right to have the special care they need so that they can grow up in the same way as other children.

We all have the right to have a home, a house where we can protect ourselves from the cold and where we can live with our family.

Besides being a house, it must be a home where we can live with understanding, tolerance, friendship, love and protection.

I have the right to life and to have a family ... and so do you! The family helps us, gives us security, protects us and gives us affection.

Our parents must lead us by example and be responsible for us.

We all have the right to have a name and a nationality from the moment we are born. What is your name? Imagine you didn't have a name ...

Having a name is knowing who you are and that others can identify you.

All children have the same rights, we cannot be set apart or offended because we are of another race, color, religion or speak another language.

We are all the same, if they don't treat you the same, you have to protest and report

The Rights of the Child are like a shield, they protect us from all evils and injustices and ensure that we can grow up free and safe.

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