What the baby learns at 3 years

What the baby learns at 3 years

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Although children develop by following fairly predictable milestones, the reality is that not all children in the world can proceed in the same way or at the same time, so while there are some general learning considerations, each child can develop at a different rate. totally different.

The development of the child and what he learns is influenced by the environment, by the experiences he has and by how the people around him stimulate him for his good development.

1. The three-year-old is an explorer and uses the senses for learning. Increases your concentration on a task and is able to think creatively and methodically to solve problems.

2. They learn more vocabulary and begin to have improvements in pronunciation. You start with the simple conversations and they want to talk more about the things that interest you.

3. Is able to listen and understand conversations, stories, songs or poems.

4. They want to know more about the things around them. Improved logical reasoning skills and play longer.

5. They are capable of doing simple puzzles, classifying and ordering objects.

6. Know what is equal to different, count to 5, and recognize the numbers 0-10.

7. His motor skills and gross motor skills have improved a lot. They run, climb, ride a tricycle, play on the swings, play ball and can catch it with both hands in the air.

8. Fine motor skills have improved considerably and he can use his fingers more effectively. They can paint by holding pencils with their fingers and not with their fists, they can make balls and snakes with plasticine and even undress without help.

9. In the emotional area they begin to have friendships with other children and emotional conflicts may arise. When there are conflicts they look for the adult. They need the emotional security of close adults and will begin to understand feelings, although frustration will still be difficult to control.

10. They like to enjoy symbolic and imaginary play.

It is important to remember that not all three years are the same and that children can develop at different rates. If you are concerned about your child's development because he no longer does things that he used to do before, it is important that you consult your doctor. But if your child is having a normal development, do not be in a hurry, each child has their own pace of development and learning.

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