Bats garland for Halloween. Crafts with egg cups

Bats garland for Halloween. Crafts with egg cups

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If you want to decorate your Halloween party in an easy, inexpensive and original way, don't miss this craft on our site. With an egg cup we have made a garland of bats, do you dare to make one like it?

Crafts are a great way to have a good time with children as they learn important things like recycling materials.

  • Egg-cup
  • Tjeras
  • Cutter
  • Plastic eyes
  • Black tempera
  • Brush
  • Cotton or cushion filling
  • Black wool

1- Cut out three containers from the egg cup and these in turn cut them in half. Little by little, see shaping the bat's wings.

2. Make holes in the ends and pass a string of black wool through them.

3. Glue on the bat's eyes and cut out two paper triangles to make fangs.

4. Finish decorating it with the cushion filling to give it a more gloomy look. Repeat the same process to hang several bats from the garland and paint them all with black tempera.

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