Is the second child easier than the first?

Is the second child easier than the first?

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The second child should be much easier than the second, and that is experience is a degree, But above all, leaving behind the 'I'm a new mother' sign is a relief.

With the second child we already know what it means not to sleep in three months, what breastfeeding on demand means, how much dedication a baby needs and what it means to stop living as before to start living a new life as a mother. Nevertheless, Not everything is easier, some things get complicated with the arrival of the second child and you face new challenges.

In my case the second child was much easier than the first. It must also be said that all the information I devoured in my first pregnancy, all the advice I heard and everything prepared that I thought I was, disappeared from the first minute I held my first baby. Everything came so great that I felt totally overwhelmed by the situation.

Therefore, my second son lived it more calmly, trying to enjoy the moment more and at all times, I tried to bring out the positive.

- Childbirth: It is usually much faster, and you no longer live it with so much insecurity, you know what will happen at all times and how to deal with the situation.

- Lactation: you already know how to put the baby to the breast so that it does not hurt, how to feed on demand or with which breast you have to start each feeding.

- Do not sleep: you are aware that you are not going to sleep, so you face it with another attitude and with it, you already have a large part of the battle won, even if the dark circles reach your feet.

- The different stages of the baby: teeth coming out, going from milk feeding to complementary feeding, the first day of nursery ... As I said above, experience is a degree and you have enough to face it with more confidence and poise.

- The diseases: Although an illness in a baby is always a cause for concern, you no longer feel that moment of alarm when the baby has a fever of 38º, you know how to act and do not rush to the emergency room at the first snot.

- Caring for the baby: the first receives all your attention and dedication, the second has to share pampering and care. It is not easy, especially when they are young, take care of two children at the same time. There seems to be no time a day for everything!

- The diseases: I know that he was in the easy things, but it has its complicated part and that is that every cold or flu that his older brother brings home, will inevitably happen to the little one.

- The bathrooms: the moment of the bathtub with the first is to play and enjoy, with the second it becomes an 'assembly line' in which one passes soaps, washes and dries, the next passes soaps, washes and dries (and I, what I'm going for the third one, I still have one more batch).

- The fights: one good day, the fights between brothers begin, no matter how well they get along, each one wants to mark their territory, they both want the same toy at the same time, or your attention at the same time.

- Go on vacation: It is not the same to find and be able to pay a hotel for three than for four, not to mention how difficult it is when you are five, as is my case.

My conclusion, then, to the question of the headline: is the second child easier than the first ?, is a resounding yes. And for you?

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