Simple and quick to make tuna canapes

Simple and quick to make tuna canapes

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As a starter or as the protagonists at a party ... for example, at Christmas. Canapes are great at any time, but they are also quick to make and are usually very simple to prepare.

On this occasion, we bet on tuna canapes, rich in omega 3 and very healthy for the whole family.

From our site, we have selected the best recipes to prepare exquisite and original tuna canapes. Try to prepare them with your children. It's a great time to share a fun and educational time in the kitchen.

Tuna and cucumber dolls. Fun and vitamins, all are advantages in these edible tuna and cucumber dolls that your children will love and will make them eat vegetables and fish. canape recipe to cook with children from cucumber and tuna.

Tuna volcano with anchovy. How to make tuna volcanoes or volauvent for an aperitif or a party. We teach you how to make, step by step, some original and simple tuna canapes.

Canape of tuna with cheese. How to make a tuna canape with cheese. Very simple starter recipe. We teach you how to make a very classic canapé with which you will surely be successful.

Spirals stuffed with tuna. When you have to organize a birthday party or any other type of party, choose the spirals stuffed with tuna, a recipe for children with which you will succeed. easy tuna rolls recipe

Heart-shaped tuna dumplings. Tuna stuffed dumplings recipe to celebrate Valentine's Day. our site offers us a quick and easy recipe to make for children's lunch or dinner.

Tuna toast. Children's snacks should be nutritious and balanced, that's why we propose a children's recipe for tuna toast with tomato. Learn how to make this omega 3-rich toast quickly and easily.

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