How to make children look handsome in photos

How to make children look handsome in photos

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What mom doesn't like to take pictures of her babies? Fátima Cantó was present at the event presentation of the perfume for newborns, Babies and Moms, and was talking to Anne Geddes, who, as the most prestigious baby photographer in the world that she is, has been part of the perfume project.

There he told several tricks to take good and quality photos to our children. We know that it is very difficult to catch them well and that is why we leave you here five valuable tips.

- First of all, the more natural they come out, the better. It is very difficult for them to pose when they are still small and we should not keep them in a specific position. Spontaneity.

- We do not have to look for any forced angle, the best photo will always be achieved by being at your height.

- Whenever possible, do not use flash. It can upset them and make the photo shoot end badly.

- Colors according to the environment. If we are looking for a more careful photograph to put in a painting, invitation, etc ... it is advisable to dress the children with colors similar to the environment that will surround them.

- Find times when the child is relaxed. If you are sleepy or hungry, you will cry or be angry. So the best hours to photograph them will be a few minutes after you've eaten or slept.

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