Signs that your child has lice

Signs that your child has lice

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Are there signs that can make us suspect that our children have lice? Of course. The first symptom of the spread of lice is when children are noticed to scratch their heads intensely and complain that they are itchy a lot and therefore cannot avoid scratching their heads.

If you notice that your child's head is itching constantly and that apart from complaining he gets nervous, this is the time for you to carefully check the child's head for lice and / or nits.

The reason why lice bite so much on children's heads is because the lice use their saliva to deposit the nits as close to the roots of the hair as possible. The contact of saliva with the child's scalp can produce an allergic reaction and cause discomfort to the child such as itching. For this reason, it is very important that the presence of lice is detected as soon as possible to avoid that when children scratch they can cause wounds and that these become infected.

To check the head of children and look for possible lice, it is important to do it carefully, starting at the part behind the ears and in the area of ​​the neck, because they are the favorite places for lice. Lice can be detected more easily, but nits, due to their small size and whitish color, can be confused with dandruff. What differentiates nit from dandruff is that it will cost much more to remove the nits because they are very attached and attached to the hair.

The whole head should be looked at and if any type of louse is detected, treatment should be started as soon as possible, without forgetting to check the heads of the other members of the family. To check for nits, it is advisable to use a lifelong cleaner, that is, a comb with very fine teeth and joints, and if possible they are made of metal because in my experience they are the most effective.

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