10 Chinese names for boys

10 Chinese names for boys

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When choosing the baby's name, there is not always agreement between families. Some prefer traditional names that are always a success, while others look for a name with more personality and original.

The latest trends in names for boys point to names of Chinese origin because they are exotic, original and very novel. In addition, chinese names they have very eloquent meanings and many of them are unisex names. This is our list of 10 Chinese names for boys.

1. Chang. This name is one of the most popular in China and in the West it is also very familiar. It means 'free', something that increases the attractiveness of this name for your baby.

2. Huang. The name means'sparkly' and we like it for its sound and meaning. It is a strong and powerful name that is ideal to highlight the personality of your child.

3. Mao. It is a traditional name that we know well and means 'flourishing'. The appeal of its meaning is joined by the simplicity of a short name but with a lot of personality.

4. Qiang. It may be a strange name, but we like it for its meaning of 'strong', something that will accompany your child for life. It is a name with personality and very charismatic, in addition to being very popular in China.

5. Jian. We like the eloquence of Chinese names in their meanings. This name means 'healthy', so vitality and energy are guaranteed with it. We like it because it is simple and with a very familiar sound.

6. Gao. This name means 'lovely' and it has the charm of short names, as well as the charisma of a little-used but not eccentric name. It is one of the best bets on boy names.

7. Ming. With a meaning of 'Explanation', this is a unisex name that works for both boys and girls. Like all Chinese names, it is a short name that can be combined with other boy names.

8. Wang. This name of Chinese origin stands out for its meaning of height 'fit for a king'. The name is loaded with regal connotations and is very distinguished and elegant.

9. Tao. Chinese names surprise us with philosophical meanings like 'The road of life'. This name is not strange to us and it is one of the traditional names in China.

10. Kun. Few names with a meaning as broad as this of 'universe'. It is a name with a lot of strength and character that can favorably influence the personality of your child.

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