How to hold a newborn baby

How to hold a newborn baby

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How do you hold a baby? It may seem like an absurd and obvious question, but in reality it is not. Remember the moment when your son or daughter was born. At the clinic, friends and family are succeeding to meet the newborn and when you offer to take the baby in their arms, although there are mothers who prefer that no one take it, someone always comments: 'Ah, how scary, I would not know take it, I prefer to look at it. '

Or also, that first-time father who tries to do his best but who carries the baby with the little head tilted and slumped back while the mother gets nervous watching the scene.

The newborn is so fragile and delicate that, if you have never held a baby or even if it has been a long time since you have, it is somewhat reluctant to take him in your arms. It is so small that you feel the fear of not doing it right, to cause him some damage or even to slip between your arms.

You can keep these tips in mind so as not to move him excessively or cause any damage when taking him out or leaving him in his crib:

- Newborns do not know how to control their head or neck, so if you try to lift it from the armpits, its little head will fall back.

- It is convenient to insert a hand into the crib and slide it down the baby's back, trying to keep the neck inside our forearm. In this way, We will take it out in a horizontal position and without moving it much.

- Bring the baby closer to your body immediately so that it is more protected. Perform these movements in principle with both hands, but when you gain practice you will be able to get him out of the crib with just one arm.

- When you do the reverse movement, that is, leave him in the crib, keep the baby close to your body for as long as possible and lean towards the mattress to leave it gently on it and finally remove the arm from his back and finally from his head.

- All the movements you make must be full of delicacy and softness since the muscle density of a newborn is minimal and he cannot control his body.

- Once it is in your arms, you can sit in an armchair to be more secure and to be able to change its position if you wish: put it upright to remove gas, face down on your forearm, on your lap or skin to skin.

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