Bullying. Keys to taking action against bullying

Bullying. Keys to taking action against bullying

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Bullying is a word that little by little has been installed in our vocabulary. Its meaning is harassment and it can occur early, in schools and colleges.

Bullying occurs when one or more children attack, insult, humiliate or ignore another. In we have selected the best advice from the experts so we can help detect and act against bullying.

Bullying is not always easy to identify, so it is important that parents know: what signs indicate that our child is a victim of bullying or is even the cause of bullying, how to act to help the child and, above all, how to prevent cases of bullying that occur in schools and colleges.

What is bullying. What we understand by bullying or bullying. our site reveals all the types of bullying experienced by many school-age children, as well as how they develop and harm those involved. When we talk about bullying or bullying we are referring to the psychological and physical abuse suffered by many children.

Consequences of bullying. The consequences of bullying are numerous and harmful for both the victim and the aggressor. There are unequivocal symptoms that your child may be suffering from bullying, sadness, psychosomatic problems, depression, emotional disorders ... If you want to know what the consequences of bullying are for children, read this article.

Causes of bullying. The causes of bullying or harassment may reside in educational models that are a reference for children, in the family and / or at school. The harasser believes himself superior to the victim and seeks to see that the harassed is having a hard time. We talk about the causes of bullying reside in the educational models of children. Causes of bullying.

The role of parents against bullying. What parents can do when they find out that their child is the bully or bullied at school. It is advisable that parents build a channel of communication and trust with their child so that he feels comfortable talking about the good and the bad.

Bullying in children between 8 and 10 years old. Know the consequences of bullying or bullying in children of 8 and 10 years. 10 percent of the fifth and sixth grade students suffer psychological abuse. Greater parental involvement and self-esteem would reduce school violence.

How to prevent bullying. Bullying or bullying. Measures to prevent and control bullying. Both the family and the school or college can avoid bullying or bullying.

How to stop bullying. Bullying is harsh, cruel and very dangerous. It ends with the self-esteem and with the illusion of our children. Is there any way to end it? To eradicate it? In Finland, a successful anti-bullying program is being tested. Let's take note.

How to detect bullying. How to know if the child suffers bullying or bullying. Signs that your child is being bullied at school. What behaviors or habits show bullied children.

The aggressor and the victim of bullying. Where and how bullying occurs. Profiles of the harasser and the harassed of bullying. The aggressor harasses the victim in the bathrooms, in the corridors, in the dining room, in the courtyard, reserving his actions during the absence of elders. In some cases, bullying goes beyond the walls of the school. The aggressor and the victim of bullying.

Tolerance against bullying. A UNICEF campaign reminds us all of the importance of the value of tolerance against bullying. UNICEF Chile campaign against school harassment or bullying. The protagonist is an extraterrestrial child who everyone insults or ignores for being different. Why tolerance is so important against violence.

How to report bullying in Mexico. Bullying is one of the problems that most worries Mexican parents. And it is that many children suffer bullying in silence. Parents must be vigilant and report at the first symptoms. But, how can it be reported if the bullied child lives in Mexico?

Educational videos about bullying. We offer you a list of educational videos to better understand what bullying is and you can prevent your children from being bullies or bullied. Know the causes, consequences, how to identify if a child suffers bullying and what is the role of educators and parents.

When the child does not acknowledge being a victim of bullying. Spain is one of the countries in the developed world in which 11, 13 and 15-year-old children recognize to a lesser extent that they have been victims of bullying.

Bullying is also ignoring someone. Bullying or bullying is also ignoring and marginalizing a classmate. Many believe that harassment situations are active and consist of personally intimidating or attacking someone with words or physical violence, but few know that 'passing someone' is also harassment and bullying.

Bullying: what children say through their body. School bullying and bullying. The issue of bullying is one of the most worrying and worrying parents. Harassment inhibits and destroys the safety, strength, self-esteem, illusion, confidence and freedom of children.

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