The insolent colt. Short poem with rhyme for children

The insolent colt. Short poem with rhyme for children

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We may find it difficult to explain the value of humility to children. However, we can use the example. Nothing better than a short rhyming poem to bring children closer to the meaning of values ​​such as humility.

In this story, a smug and proud foal will learn a lesson from an older, less agile horse but with a lot of experience.

A horse was calm

tired, he looks older,

their sandy brown manes

they gleamed in the sun.

I was walking slowly

with his head bowed,

the years are weighing on him,

does not feel like anything.

A foal trots by

with its long black tail,

almost to his height it reaches him.

When he sees the old horse,

with arrogance, insolent,

he dances with a fine trot

around several times.

Neigh very uptight,

neighs raising his voice,

next to the older horse.

In this comes a mare

that wildly sighs,

runs at a gallop,

something is pulling on his bridle.

The horse without thinking

trotting he goes after her,

with force continues to gallop

to this mare that is so beautiful.

Without thinking that he is older,

without even realizing it,

he is already very close to her.

And catching up

with words, very calm

manages to remove with his mouth,

what the damage has done.

The very proud mare

with the horse he goes,

considers him a great hero

and boasts of a gallant.

The colt looks at them uneasily,

has failed to react,

and such a pretty mare

he has failed to save.

The old horse feels

the young man ashamed,

and with serene words

This has spoken to the foal:

'Don't worry foal,

time will teach you,

stop bragging

and begin to mature. '

And with the mare he walks away

happy, both of us at a trot,

giving thanks to fate,

then they continue at a gallop.

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