What children teach parents

What children teach parents

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No matter how old your children are, they can always teach parents valuable lessons, even when the children are babies! Children are little wise beings who are in contact with nature and the world around them, and thanks to that and thanks to how they let their feelings and emotions flow, they are able to teach their parents things.

So that parents can learn from the little ones in the house, they must open their mind, but especially their heart. They should know that they do not know everything and that although they should be the guide of their children, they also have much to offer them. Because parents do not build the road, they accompany their children on it. But what things can children teach parents?

1. Material things and money is secondary in the life. Many adults go blind thinking that they must work harder and harder to have all the latest in their lives. Children teach every day that what really matters in this life is time and how and with whom it is enjoyed. The time is gold.

2. Discipline is not everything. Many parents think that discipline is everything in this life so that children can grow up being polite and responsible. But discipline cannot be discipline unless it is accompanied by flexibility and love on the part of the adult. For children to be educated correctly, they will need discipline, but this must go behind love and in between flexibility. So children can feel loved and protected all the time.

3. The forgiveness. Children, especially when they are small ... forgive and forget, because happiness is more important than resentment.

4. Live the moment. Sometimes adults forget to live in the moment, we forget that we must focus on the here and now in order to enjoy life. Children feel every moment they live and we adults must learn from them.

5. Really feel. When children laugh they do it until their tummy hurts and when they cry they do it with real feeling. Real feeling is something that all adults need in order to understand our surroundings.

6. Being close to nature. Children do not feel the need to destroy nature, they simply love to contemplate it and see what it has to discover. Perhaps if adults contemplated this way of seeing the world, they could respect and love nature more and everything in it (animals, plants, seas ...).

7. Respect each other. Children do not understand differences between people, they only understand that we are all people and that when we are friends we must be loyal. Why does it seem that growing up adults only want to see the differences between people? Whether racial or material, these differences should be eliminated in order to live in peace with each other.

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