Facu and the black knight. Fantasy children's story

Facu and the black knight. Fantasy children's story

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If there is an effective instrument to stimulate fantasy, that is the story. And if there is a powerful instrument to activate creativity, it is that of imagination.

With this story, you will discover the power of imagination. Help your children dream and stimulate their imagination with stories.

'The butterfly on one of his trips met a bored boy, bored with everything, running, school, he even got bored of playing.

His worried mother gave him a book to paint with some very special pencils. The boy's name was Facu, and the old and worn book was sold to him by a very mysterious woman who had an old bookstore in the neighborhood where he lived.

One cold night, alone, in his room he opened the box of pencils and began to paint the pictures. The sun has to be yellow, but why yellow? If he had the power to choose.

- No better blue !!!!!

- The green grass, noooo, better yellow !!!!

Facu created his own world. With bright and special colors. His images had their own magic. But reaching the middle of the book, a dark character appeared, who did not admit any color. A man with an angular face, dressed in black pants, a black shirt, a black hat and a black cape that he dragged as he walked. He only looked at him, he did not speak, but a powerful laugh announced that nothing good was going to happen.

The days went by, and when he got home from school he was immersed in his world of different colors and unique images. A flower with multicolored petals invited him to stroll through an infinite rainbow, a purple rabbit told him that he was happy.

A lady watered the yellow lawn with a watering can filled with a green liquid. Some red-skinned children made a round around a celestial tree ... Yes, they were all happy ...

Until one night, almost reaching the last pages, the black man spoke to him:

- In your world and in this, my power will change the order of things, words will disappear and colors will disappear.

Facu did not answer him, he challenged him and shouted:

- Your words don't scare me. What power can a drawing have? Ridiculous, hahahaha.

He went to sleep without thinking, not even dreaming what was going to happen.

The next morning, he woke up, had breakfast, and left for school, happy, eager to tell his friends about that madness, that mad, very mad dream. The class began as usual, the lady copied on the blackboard some sentences that the boys would analyze. But surprise! When I finished writing them, they mysteriously disappeared. He copied them again, and after a while they disappeared again.

The screams from the other classrooms forced them out.

- What's wrong? Said the lady.

- The books are empty, there are no letters, the maps were left without the names of the countries, rivers, lagoons. The oceans were orphaned. The characters of the stories without names ...

The same thing happened to everyone. The school was speechless. Without colors the drawings. The headmistress was clutching her head.

- What happens? This can not be happening.

Authorities from the ministry, a priest, a magician came but no one found an explanation and that is how they decided to close the school for a few days. Facu knew that the culprit was Mr. Negro.

Despite her fear of making a fool of herself by telling her story, she decided to defeat him and share the mystery of the book with her friends. They listened carefully, a few laughed, but a group suggested seeing the book and the sinister Black Knight.

When they saw it in one of the leaves, a laugh surprised them.

-Hahahahahaha ... I warned you: colors and words will never appear again. After saying those words he got lost in a dry and gray forest.

- Where did you buy this?

- In the old neighborhood bookstore, the one with the lady with big glasses, the lady who gives bright candies when a child buys a book.

-Let's go to see her.

They made a committee and went to talk to her. When they got to the business, the woman was waiting for them. He didn't say much, he just informed them.

- That the power of words and colors were waiting for them in the imagination of each one of them.

Nothing else, different theories were born. The strongest was Facu's. And out of nowhere came the idea of ​​closing my eyes, and getting into that imaginary world, and with strength and desire to remember the colors, the letters, but with great, great force.

Imagination, Imagination and from the darkness the letters and colors appeared one by one. Mr. Negro tried to steal them but with an eraser they erased him from all the pages.

The book went back to how it was before, with beautiful landscapes, children and animals laughing again. Each one returned home without understanding what happened. There were no explanations.

That morning, not so boring, he went to school. And to the surprise of teachers and students, as if by magic, the rivers and lagoons had names. The characters once again had names. And the books got their words back.

Despite the celebrations, no one understood what had happened, there were no explanations.

- Imagination, imagination the old saleswoman shouted from a window. Just this story, surely it is the product of your imagination.

In silence Facu squeezed the rubber tightly, perhaps he might need it again. And our friend the butterfly kept flying, losing herself in a multicolored rainbow.

Story sent by Alejandra Melnik.

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