Word games for kids

Word games for kids

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When a baby begins to babble his first words, it is exciting for everyone. We start repeating them over and over again out loud for the children to learn them, and without realizing it, we start playing with them.

Through our voice, games, songs, stories, etc. Children are entering the world of words in a natural way, they are learning their meaning, therefore they learn language.

To know how to write you must first know the letters and form the words with them, and as we always say, the best way to learn is through play.

- Names of friends and pets: Once the children know the letters we can begin to play with easy words with few syllables and that have meaning for them, for example, learn to write their name, that of their best friend or that of their pet if they have it.

- The letters of the alphabet: For the little ones, we can make cards with all the letters of the alphabet and two boxes, one for vowels and one for consonants. According to the cards they take, they will take their letter to the corresponding box. We will do the same with uppercase and lowercase letters.

- Classifications: We will play making different classifications adapting them to the corresponding level. Some examples can be:

1. Classification of words according to the number of letters that compose them.

2. Classification of words according to the number of syllables (monosyllables and polysyllables).

3. Classification according to the type of word (adjectives, nouns, adverbs ...).

With these games they will gradually learn new words and their meaning.

- Animals: Cards with different animals to be classified in boxes of vertebrates and invertebrates, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores etc.

- Body parts: Cards of the human body to be classified into boxes of bones and muscles.

Thus the children playing will acquire knowledge of all areas and content.

Today there are many activities to play with words: tongue twisters, riddles, word searches, crosswords, the game of hangman, etc. they are ideal to have a fun time. The same happens with stories and the sound of rhymes that make children learn new words in an easy and fun way and that will make them easily remain in their memory.

I leave you one of my poems with a funny play on words.


My dog ​​is called Gato.

My cat is called Dog.

When I call the cat, Dog comes.

When I call the dog, Cat comes.

Take note that there are two and not four

look carefully that they are Dog and Cat.

To finish I leave you a phrase by Michael Montaigne (1533-1592). French writer and philosopher: 'The word is half who pronounces it, half who listens to it'.

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