Teachers who leave a mark on children

Teachers who leave a mark on children

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Surely many parents would like to be able to look through a hole at what is 'cooking' in our child's class. Thus we could be eyewitnesses of the professional practice of teachers and how our son develops in school.

But, in a way, we can access this little window, looking through the happiness of our children when they go to school; they faithfully reflect tranquility and satisfaction, or conversely, the indifference, anxiety or concern they feel.

Certainly, many of us cherish fond memories and experiences lived at school, with a specific teacher. A teacher we admired, who left an indelible mark on us, and who not only taught us to add and write correctly, but also knew how to get the best of us, treated us with respect and made himself respected, comforted us, valued our efforts , he understood us ...

The teacher supposes for a child not only the figure that provides him with knowledge, but the reference with which he establishes a close and special relationship for a long period of time. The example of the teacher, like that of the family, will have an impact on our child. His way of speaking, his way of dressing, his treatment, his attention, his encouragement, his affection ... will be etched in our little ones.

The education of our children should not only include purely cognitive aspects, but also habits, good manners, values ​​and feelings. The illustrious doctor Gregorio Marañón He affirmed something like that the doctor who only knows medicine knows nothing, not even medicine.

The human being is not a computer in which to put data, there are many other things that must be cultivated, especially we must educate our children with a clear objective: that they are able to live happily. Emotional intelligence and the development of intellectual potential should go in one package and cultivate them on multiple fronts.

Educating is a beautiful task, although difficult! The other day they sent me a story of those that circulates on the internet: it was about a teacher who learned to really educate when she knew how to deal with a troubled student. Behind his slovenliness and bad behavior, she was able to discover, not without effort, that there was hidden a dramatic story and an intelligent and noble boy, eager for someone who knew how to reach out to him. She saw his value and helped him flourish. From that moment, she received the honorary title of: 'my best teacher' for a child who was able to find happiness and the direction of his life.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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