The most desired movie mascots for children

The most desired movie mascots for children

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Has your son ever wanted to have a character he saw in the movies? Well, my daughter does. Years ago, when the movie Toy Story was released, my little girl 'fell in love' with 'Buzz Lightyear'. What's more, he wanted us to look for him everywhere, to bring him home. His room was transformed, overnight, into a museum of this character. 'Buzz Lightyear' plush, miniature, flying ... well, her friendship with him lasted at least a couple of years.

Buzz Lightyear has not been my little girl's 'only love'. Then, many others came until Harry Potter reached his heart. So much so, that magic drives her crazy to this day and I remember that one of the most unforgettable gifts that she asked the Three Wise Men was the magic wand of her favorite character. I tell you that because now what is known is that children not only want to have a replica of their favorite characters but also of the pets they see in the movies. And I don't mean something made of plastic or rubber, I mean the animal, made of flesh and blood!

We have a dog at home. It is the same breed as the dog that appears in the movie 'The mask' and 'Pancho', the dog that is very famous in Spain for appearing in a lottery advertisement. But we don't have it for that; We have it simply because it has a dog's face, it is small and very agile and playful. However, now, thanks to the latest movies featuring talking animals, singers, cooks ... children wish they had squirrels, mice, pigs, fish, ...

Since the movie was released Rank, a very nice chameleon with an identity crisis and looking for friends, children also want to have one at home ... imagine what can happen. And of course, parents are beginning to question the advantages and disadvantages of giving their children such a strange pet. I think this is the reason why has just issued a preventive guide for parents whose children want to acquire a pet that they have seen in the cinema. Many parents will be challenged to hear the phrases Mom, I want a Rank ...!, Mom, I want a chameleon ...! What would you do? If you have thought about having a pet or a chameleon at home, it would be good if you knew some tips that the guide offers:

- An animal is not just another toy to use, abandon and leave at will.

- Having an animal requires responsibility and commitment.

- Reptiles such as lizards and chameleons are animals that require a lot of care and attention and are not suitable for young children or very busy people who cannot spend much time on them. Chameleons, in particular, need a constant flow of air, a terrarium housing and adequate plants, natural light and heat, a source of UVB radiation for the metabolism of vitamin D3.

- Regarding the feeding of chameleons in captivity, it is interesting to know that they do not drink stagnant water, they need to see moving water to drink. They also need live food, never dead, as other reptiles do. Their diet is basically insectivorous, although they can accept fruits and vegetables. Considering all these cares, parents are recommended to convince their children to prefer to have simpler pets such as a dog, a cat or a hamster.

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