The only friend

The only friend

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It is common to see small groups of friends at school playing at recess, or perhaps in the park. It seems that when children are in their infancy, they have the facility to make friends almost instantly, something that in adulthood already begins to cost more and socializing seems somewhat more complicated.

But not all children have friends so easily and that goes with the personality type of each one. There are children who need more time than others to be able to make friends, and that is not bad at all, unless it means an emotional problem for the little one.

Some children are more outgoing than others, and children who are shy may need a little more help from adults to be able to socialize and to learn social skills so they can have more friends. But it may also be that the children are introverts, in this case, these children will feel comfortable without interacting much with others or having few friends, they are even capable of having only one friend without affecting their happiness or self-esteem.

When a person (or a child) is introverted, they feel comfortable enjoying their privacy and all that it can offer them. He is not a child who is having a hard time because other children have friends and he does not, if he only has one friend it is more than enough.

Children who have only one friend are often introverted and see their only childhood friend as true friendship. A friendship that they take care of and that will surely be a friendship for life if the circumstances can maintain it.

In the event that the child is an introvert, parents should not suffer or feel that something is wrong with their child, because he feels comfortable being who he is and with his only friend. Don't force an introverted child with only one friend to have more just because 'it's the best'. If the child is happy and does not have self-esteem problems, everything is going well.

In this sense, parents should only accept their child. Creating socialization opportunities with other children such as birthdays or other parties can be a good opportunity as long as it is done with guidance and respect, but you should not force children to attend or make friends, because if they do not feel comfortable the result will simply be worse.

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